Let’s make little wins

This is the collective portfolio of Jason Marziani, known in gaming and creator communities as Little Wins or lilwins.  The moniker comes from a simple concept, great execution grows from little wins. My process revolves around breaking down scopes and winning the details.  Read more about my background, my writing on Medium, connect with me on Linked-in, or continue on to view a compilation of my work and awards.


Home Run Challenge at Colorado Rockies

Clients: Colorado Rockies, New York Mets, Cox Communications, T-Mobile

Fans play Home Run Challenge, a simulation of MLB’s home run derby, by swinging our custom-built baseball bat in front of a 128” screen to hit virtual baseballs into the stands.   The experience features custom modeled stadiums, brandable billboard space, and team uniforms.  The bat is composed of an Arduino controller and motion sensors, which send data via wifi to the game engine.  During gameplay, we record a video clip of the player hitting a home run and deliver that into their inbox for download and social sharing. This experience is featured at Coors Field and has previously run at Citi Field and at traveling events for Cox Communications and T-Mobile.

Flyclops Domino!

From 2014 to 2018, I worked with Flyclops on their game, Domino!, supporting a player-base of 7M downloads on iOS and Android, 500k monthly actives, and 150k daily players.  Built with Unity3D and React-Native, I worked on systems including mobile IAP, real-time gameplay, game integrity, player experience, UI performance, advertising waterfall, coding conventions, and company process.  Over that time I ported this game onto Facebook via Unity’s WebGL exporter and to the Skillz P2P wagering platform, integrating their React-Native framework. Below is a piece I produced that highlights the team and features behind our real-time gameplay release.

More on Domino!

iOS Download

Android Download

Flyclops Why are we Running?

Why are we Running is the next game release for us at Flyclops, a frenzied swipe-fest of close-calls, near-deaths and barely-made-its that poses more questions than answers.

I designed and developed a number of systems for the game, including a stress-based enemy spawner modeled after Left 4 Dead’s AI Director, the game’s power-up system, and a highlight video creator that recorded gameplay and cut a clip of the top stressful moments in the player’s run.

We were honored to showcase Why are we Running at Unite 2016 in Los Angeles as part of the Made with Unity Showcase. Here’s the Teaser Site.

USAA Army-Navy Fanfest 2019

Client: 160over90

Partnering with 160over90 for their client USAA’s Army-Navy Fanfest, we provided a pop-up arcade featuring a mix of our existing football gaming products and new custom-built experiences.  We designed the layout to split the audience in half, with Navy fans competing on one side of the arcade and Army on the other. Our games featured Quarterback Challenge, where fans threw footballs at touch-enabled projector screens we designed and fabricated, Fieldgoal Kick, where a Kinect sensor tracks the fan’s kick motion, and touchscreen Army-Navy trivia.  We designed registration on android tablets and provided each fan with a keepsake RFID wristband which they used to track their score and digital takeaways from each game station.  Scores for each game were networked between all of the kiosks and a centerpiece leaderboard so fans were reminded of the competition no matter what game they were playing.   We designed each game to highlight the two teams and USAA, branding the digital stadium billboards and designing the 3D player football uniforms.  The project launched in 12 weeks, from initial planning through event kickoff, and featured 8 gaming stations, 10 registration stations, 18 RFID readers, a leaderboard display, and networking.


UPDATE: Soulfill received one of gaming’s highest honors, IndieCade’s Interaction Award.

UPDATE 2: Soulfill was named by Global Game Jam as one of the most innovative games in the events’ history (@Indiecade 2017).

Soulfill is a mobile-assisted live-action role-playing game to secretly play while riding public transportation. Built exclusively on iOS using accessibility features, the game challenges players to initiate and maintain eye contact with strangers in a setting where social contact presents a certain level of danger.  To succeed, players must overcome natural instincts.

Designed and developed during the 2014 Global Game Jam.  Below is the trailer I created for the game.

Press sheet

Writing on Medium.com

Gameplay Controls and Feedbacks in Fan Controlled Football

Do the gameplay controls and feedbacks in Fan Controlled Football deliver on the promise of fan control? Let’s take a look.

Published on Feb 18, 2021 – 5 min read

Innovating Sports for the Post-COVID Fan? Establish these 7 Key Values.

“Miss sports? Me too. As CTO of MVP Interactive, I miss our clients, I miss the teams and leagues they work for, and I miss my teams.”

Published on Apr 17, 2020 – 5 min read

Lighting and Shadows in Augmented Reality

Won’t lie, feels strange picking such a specific topic like lighting and shadows for my first piece of writing on augmented reality, but I’ve been stoked about lighting in augmented reality, so that’s where I’m going to start.

Published on Jun 8, 2018 – 6 min read

Flyers Family Fun Zone

Client: Philadelphia Flyers

MVP worked directly with the Philadelphia Flyers to create a fan experience on the Wells Fargo concourse.  We designed 4 experiences around Flyers’ hockey – a tabletop digital air-hockey game, a big-screen virtual goalie game using body motion detection to defend slap shots, a big-screen Flyers player AR photo experience, and a Flyers pose-with-the-pros photo booth.

BlueCadet ChemCrafter

Working alongside the design agency Bluecadet, I launched an iPad game teaching chemistry for the Chemistry Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.  Together we researched over 100 different chemical reactions and recreated each using particle systems in Unity3D.  The result is a engaging and authentic experience for all players interested in chemistry.

Update: Among other honors and distinctions, ChemCrafter has received a 2015 Webby Award.







Augmented Reality Team Avatars

This is a work in progress. Partnering with 8thwall, this web-based augmented reality experience uses face detection with 3D rendering and animation to give fans a great way to express themselves and share moments with their favorite teams.

AIGA Night Caps

On May 28th, I spoke on a panel about my experience moving from full-time to freelance. Hosted by AIGA Philadelphia and moderated by Geekadelphia’s Editor in Chief Mikey Ilagan. I was joined by fellow-freelancers Steve Decusatis and Saul Rosenbaum, who was one of the first people I met starting out my journey in Philadelphia almost 15 years ago. Thanks to Nick Prestileo for the invite and Josh Carter for the fantastic recording.

If you are thinking about freelancing, give this a listen. There are a lot of years of experience captured in this hour-long broadcast.