I am a game creator, software developer, fan engager, writer, and investor. As CTO of MVP Interactive, a fan experience technology company, I work with sports teams and brands to bring gameplay and augmented reality experiences onto concourses and mobile devices around the globe. I lead a team of creatives, developers, IT, and project managers to deliver results to our clients, including Colorado Rockies, Coca-cola, JBL, Sacramento Kings, and the Tennessee Titans.  

I spent 4 years working with Flyclops to teach the world how to play dominoes.  I developed systems and gameplay mechanics to increase our acquisition and retention of players, provide those players with real-time and async gameplay modes, secure our network communications from cheating, and ensure Domino! was perceived by players as a fair play space. We also built a top-down arcade endless runner that was invited to Unity’s Made with Unity Showcase.

I built a mobile game and software development consultancy focused on building games on the Unity platform.  During this time I built games that would win awards at IndieCade Festival and the Webbie Awards, and worked with companies like Zynga and Urban Outfitters.  I became a coworking pioneer as an early member at Philadelphia’s first coworking space, Indy Hall, and as a launch partner of Philadelphia’s first video game-focused coworking space, the Game Forge.

I was Tech Lead at the advertising firm Red Tettemer O’Connell and Partners, worked at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and interned at WHDH-TV NBC Boston.

Jason holds a B.S. in Film and Television from Boston University and a Certificate in Marketing Management from Wharton.