The Moment I Saw Your Eyes

The Moment I Saw Your Eyes, our submission to Philly Dev Night August Game Jam.  The theme, develop a game inspired by a song title from the band Oasis.  We chose “The Moment I Saw Your Eyes” and made a fast-paced 4-player competitive shooter for MacOS.   After 3 days of development we realized the song was a barbershop quartet entry in the 2011 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Contest, Semi-Final Round.  Undeterred by Spotify’s lack of differentiation with the quartet’s British counterparts, we pressed on.  The goal of the game, hunt down your opponents and look them in the eyes, first to look shoots the other player.  Or better put, the Moment I Saw Your Eyes, I Died.

  1. Philly Game Forge's first showcase: nearly 30 devs demo games » Philly
    Nov 18, 2013
    […] Kinney (left) and Tara Levin: Humdinger by Flyclops and The Moment I Saw Your Eyes by Little Wins. Levin is close with Flyclops cofounder Parker Whitney. [Full Disclosure: Levin […]
  2. lilwins
    Nov 19, 2013
    For those of you who played Moment I Saw Your Eyes at the Forge's Game Showcase Friday night, I'll have that version of the game available here by the end of the week. Got some great feedback at the event, thanks everyone for the comments.
  3. lilwins
    Nov 21, 2013
    Version 1.1 is now available through Gumroad.