USAA Army-Navy Fanfest 2019

Client: 160over90

Partnering with 160over90 for their client USAA’s Army-Navy Fanfest, we provided a pop-up arcade featuring a mix of our existing football gaming products and new custom-built experiences.  We designed the layout to split the audience in half, with Navy fans competing on one side of the arcade and Army on the other. Our games featured Quarterback Challenge, where fans threw footballs at touch-enabled projector screens we designed and fabricated, Fieldgoal Kick, where a Kinect sensor tracks the fan’s kick motion, and touchscreen Army-Navy trivia.  We designed registration on android tablets and provided each fan with a keepsake RFID wristband which they used to track their score and digital takeaways from each game station.  Scores for each game were networked between all of the kiosks and a centerpiece leaderboard so fans were reminded of the competition no matter what game they were playing.   We designed each game to highlight the two teams and USAA, branding the digital stadium billboards and designing the 3D player football uniforms.  The project launched in 12 weeks, from initial planning through event kickoff, and featured 8 gaming stations, 10 registration stations, 18 RFID readers, a leaderboard display, and networking.

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