On tech blogs and procrastination.

For those of you who write tech blogs, we salute you.  Without you, we wouldn’t know our bitcoins from our bitmaps.  When we set out to cover all the tech that we’ve been pushing lately, like core data in enterprise applications and continuous integration with Jenkins and component-based architecture in Unity, we blanked.  The words wouldn’t come to us.  Then we stalled.  Hard stalled.  The kind of epic stalling you only come across in 3-year-old first-born sons learning to potty train.  And then we wrote a story about 3-year-old first-born sons forming a big wheel gang dressed in full larping regalia unleashing every fire hydrant in the city, dropping the water table well below what’s necessary to keep the toilets flushing properly.  And while that story will remain under wraps until we find complimentary stock photography, we started writing another story that we think might tickle some fancies.  We’ll post as we write, and sometimes we might go back and rewrite.  So without further ado (and this has been some serious ado’ing), we present @lilwins’ first foray into self-published creative writing, the story of Antares.